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Visit ColonelAl.com to learn more and vote Al Ringgenberg for Council Bluffs City Council on Nov. 5th.  
You make our community a great place to live.  Now you deserve a voice in City Hall.
Our beloved community will be faced with tough decisions in the near future.  You deserve an advocate who will listen and voice your opinions.
Colonel Al Ringgenberg spent 21 years in the Air Force.  He is a Constitutional conservative, a man of faith, a prosecutor, and a proven leader.  Voters deserve straight talk.  
You deserve the truth on issues that impact your community.  Al believes in limited government, low taxes, and personal liberty.  He will always place growing your opportunity ahead of growing City Hall.
This is the place where you can describe how you want to help make a difference by working with like-minded patriots, and get involved.
Prefer to vote by absentee ballot?  E-mail your request to ColAl@Reagan.com, or call Al at 712-310-9461.